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Do you love music and want to get into making your own? Do you already make music but are struggling to get it sounding as good as the professionals or are your struggling creatively and need inspiration

I'm Sam Fergusson aka Frenic and I've been working in the music industry as a Producer and DJ for many years and I love nothing more than passing on what I have learnt. I have a huge amount of experience teaching music production both privately and at college level. 

With my private tuition, you can learn your way. You can create your own bespoke course through a one-on-one consultation with me to learn the skills you want or pick from one of my designed courses. Times are flexible so you can study when you want. Courses are delivered online via zoom. Scroll down to hear from my previous students.

Student Testimonials 


“Sam is a fantastic teacher with priceless knowledge, very easy to talk to, upbeat and full of life. I learnt an immense amount of skills from him, relevant to my current career that have benefitted me immensely. I will always be incredibly grateful to him and his teaching.”


“Sam is a great knowledgable tutor whose passion for electronic music resonates into his teaching.”


“His enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of, not only production and DJing but the ins and outs of the music industry, really helped me grow as an artist. I would feel frustrated with my progression of production but his patience and different teaching styles would always help me overcome those feelings and see noticeable improvements in my music after every session.”

Emily Magpie

I always looked forward to Sam's lessons- full of energy, fun plus creativity that made absorbing information & learning new skills easy. He really tailors his lessons to help you get the most out of them. Could not recommend enough!'


“I quickly learnt from Sam how to stick to my guns and implement new techniques into industry standard craft of production. What I always appreciated in his teaching was personal approach that allowd the creative expression and development of skills within desired areas of music. The production lessons were really engaging and effective, and I was very surprised how quickly I moved on from not understanding how to use piano roll, to putting together tracks that felt genuine with my means of expression. I couldn't ask for a better start and encouragement into becoming a producer. His approach and passion for the subject is very inspiring and leads to quick and surprisingly high results”.


“Sam is the best teacher I've ever had throughout the entirety of my 10+ years of education. Helped me to learn the basics of making music when I knew nothing and also to take my skills further at any level as I progressed. Not just technically but also helping me explore my creativity down a variety of paths which I personally believe is far more important. Sam is also a very fun and inspiring person to be around which made me all the more enthusiastic about learning and want to take my skills further. Can’t recommend enough!”


“Sam has been hands down my best teacher/tutor. He’s very knowledgeable so he can help you with specific things you want to learn. He’s also an all-around good guy and a very easy person to be around.”


I wouldn’t be where i am now without the guidance and help From Sam over the course of my diploma, gave me such in depth feedback on my projects to help me progress in my production in area’s i was uncertain of. As well as being patient with the students learning and progression he is straight forward in his teaching and can make education more exiting and easy for pupils to grow and build there knowledge in the right environment, by far one of the best in the game, his talent as a producer as well as a teacher gave me inspiration and confidence to do what I do now.

Ted Jaspers

"Some lessons are hard to learn on your own, you need a mentor or teacher to open up new ideas and create self belief. One day I came into college and played two different songs to Sam, one was a beat I’d spent days on, meticulously trying to copy the style of one of my favourite artists at the time, the other was something I’d come up with that day and wasn’t serious about.  Sam told me that he put the quick beat I’d made that day way above the song I’d spent days on, he even told me he preferred my music to the artist who I couldn’t stop listening to at the time.  Sam was one of the people who helped me trust my own sound and stop comparing my music to other artists, it was a really inspiring lesson and something that would have been hard to learn on my own."

Sir Hiss

"Sam Fergusson is straight up, down to earth and one of the most helpful teachers I've had the chance to be taught by." 


Sam is hands down the most caring and inspiring teacher I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by, his love for the music and his students is omnipresent. If you have musical ideas or aspirations you don’t yet know how to achieve he will show you not only the technical side of things but how to become a true, rounded musician and how to achieve your goals."


"I recorded my first ever songs with Sam and his encouragement and knowledge of production helped me to learn the process and build the confidence to develop my own style..we’ve since gone on to perform across the country & Europe together where his DJ skills have crafted live shows and rocked great crowds..I can’t recommend Sam highly enough for anyone looking for a genuine, passionate tutor!"


"Sam has been an excellent teacher in many areas of music production for me, offering sound advice. I felt very comfortable showing him my new musical ideas but also felt I could chat about anything due to his welcoming nature. Was a pleasure to be taught by someone with such experience in multiple fields!"


"My experience with the course was extremely entertaining, it was something I really looked forward to each week and always enjoyed each lesson because of Sams enthusiasm to teach. It was very refreshing to have a teacher who really cared about the students uptake of knowledge as well as the material being taught. The practical side of the lessons where I got to watch how each thing was used in real time"


"Sam (Frenic) was the first tutor I had that really made me think about the philosophy of creativity. He taught me everything to do with creative decision making and was one of the most impactful individuals in my music career. Hands down would say that he was instrumental to my development as an artist and sound designer. I can’t  recommend him enough to anyone looking for 1 to 1’s with him".


"Sam is an amazing teacher. He is super friendly and has great knowledge in all aspects of music. The lessons I have had with him were incredibly informative and his attitude towards learning has helped improve my confidence in going through the process".

SoundGYal Saf

"Sam is the ultimate teacher. He is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and is so creative that he’s always discovering new things to share. He inspires you to push your boundaries and is always willing to answer any question no matter how big or small. Sam will give you an in depth breakdown on areas that need improvement so you are able to achieve unimaginable goals. He has so much knowledge of being in the music industry himself that not only will he teach you music production but he will also give good advice from his own experiences too"

Noisy Antics

"I have always struggled in a classroom environment, but Sam was able to shine above the rest and really get through to me when it came to sitting down and focusing on production. He would always positively enforce me to carry on with my projects, even when I had lost all motivation, he would never shy away from questioning  my motivation and was always focused on getting the best outcome for me. Frenic was an inspiration to me and he gave me the time of day. He is a well motivated, patient and creative tutor and to have him on one of your projects would be a blessing. Thank you Frenic" 


"As someone who struggles with frustrating periods of creative block and lack of motivation, working with Frenic has been a huge investment. His approachable and friendly mannerisms combined with years of experience and knowledge (both as an artist and teacher) really helped me to enjoy the music making process again. Music production can be a lonely journey, having that extra set of ears and a mentor that genuinely cares about your progress is invaluable. Can’t recommend his creative soul enough, thank you for all of your help Frenic!"