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Frenic is a true Hip Hop DJ using turntable skills to blend multiple genres and suit any vibe. As a producer he creates beats influenced by Hip Hop, Trip Hop & Lo Fi.  His DJ skills have seen him grace the stages of Glastonbury, Fusion Festival Germany, Jazz Cafe London, Six Dogs Athens to name a few highlights. He is the main DJ for the AFT Raps events in his home town of Bristol UK and has DJed for UK Hip Hop legends like Skinnyman &  klashnekoff.  Resent releases on Green Brick records and SiX music. 


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Frenic finishes the epic Monomyth trilogy with “Return” and takes you on a journey of lo-fi trip-hop beats with deep electronica & sample manipulation. 

“I started this trilogy as a way of thanks for the amazing journeys I have taken while on tour. In particular, Greece. I would like to thank Joseph Campbell for the inspiration and his amazing philosophy. I learned a lot researching these albums and these ideas will stay with me forever. I highly recommend you read his book, “A Hero with a Thousand faces” or watch his interview on the program, “The Power of Myth.” 

Art work by Sugahtank