Group Classes

The course costs £120 for 4 live Group Zoom session thats only £30 per session.

And you will have full access to the recordings of the session and all course resources such as samples. 

Working in a group is such a positive thing and you will build new networks and working relationships. 

next Group course starts February 24th 2024

Live Zoom Sessions will take place on Saturdays at 13:00 GMT. Cant make all the session no problem each live session will be recorded and shared to all students. 

How to sign up 

If you would like to be part of this group please sign up using this form. 

Once you have done this I will send confirmation of your place

Group Ableton Level 1 Course Syllabus

Session 1

The Session View and Arrangement view

Session overview:

Student task: 

Create your own session arrangement that can be saved and uploaded to the shared drive. Be sure to use the collect all and save option. You arrangement must have at least 4 elements for example Drums, Bass, Chords, Melody but feel free to do more 

File name guide yourname_session_arangmnet project

Session 2

Drum rack and programming one shots 

Session overview:

Student task: 

Using drum rack and one shot samples create a 16 bar rhythm track. Bounce the 16 bars as a wav file and upload to the shared drive. 

File name guide: yourname_16barbeat.wav

Session 3

Chords, Melody & Bass

Session overview: 

Student task: 

Create a 16 bar chord progression with accupaning melody & bass feel free to add other complementary parts like loops or programmed drums.  Bounce as a wav file and upload to a shared drive.

File name guide: yourname_16barprogression.wav

Session 4

Introduction to Sampling

Session overview: 

Student task: 

Using all you have learnt from our session create a 32 bar track utilizing some of the sampling techniques from the session. Bounce as a wav file and upload to the shared drive.  

File name guide:  yourname_32bartrack.wav